Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions Since 2000

Adeptra Adeptra
Adeptra is the global market leader in auto-resolution technology that automates key call centre interactions to reduce cost and dramatically increase performance.
(Acquired by FICO)
Alphablox Alphablox
Alphablox provides an enterprise platform for deploying custom analytic applications.
(Acquired by IBM)
Clearforest Clearforest
Clearforest provides text driven business intelligence solutions.
(Acquired by Reuters)
Cognio Cognio
Cognio is a leading provider of spectrum analysis products for WLANs.
(Acquired by Cisco)
End2End End2End
End2End is a wireless application infrastructure provider, delivering managed mobile data services, technology hosting and outsourcing services.
(Acquired by MACH Group)
Evalve, Inc.
Evalve designs, develops, manufactures and markets devices that aide in the repair of cardiac valves.
(Acquired by Abbott)
Eyeonics Eyeonics
Eyeonics is the creator of Crystalens, develops innovative, new visual enhancement systems.
(Acquired by Bausch & Lomb)
Farechase Farechase
Farechase provides search products for travel.
(Acquired by Yahoo!)
Formation Systems Formation Systems
Formation Systems provides product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions for process manufacturing companies.
(Acquired by Infor)
Gomez, Inc. is a leading provider of web application experience management services, which businesses use to test their web applications while in development and to monitor their web applications after deployment.
(Acquired by Compuware) helps clients reach contextually targeted audiences though innovative products such as browser add-ons, weather forecast tool and a comparative shopping product.
(Acquired by Zango)
I-Logix I-Logix
I-Logix provides design automation solutions for developers of real-time embedded systems.
(Acquired by Telelogic)
ilumin ilumin
ilumin provides a comprehensive suite of enterprise email management for corporate messaging systems.
(Acquired by Computer Associates)
Intralinks Intralinks
Intralinks provides Internet-based secure information exchange and communication environments.
(Private Buyers)
Inxight Software Inxight Software
Inxight Software is one of the world's leading developers of information discovery solutions.
(Acquired by Business Objects/ SAP)
IQ Financial Systems IQ Financial Systems
IQ Financial Systems provides loan and leasing software solutions to financial institutions worldwide.
(Acquired by MISYS)
Lumend Lumend
Lumend acquired by Johnson & Johnson's Cordis, creates products for minimally invasive bypass procedures.
Nuera Nuera
Nuera provides IP-based telephony products for both the cable market and traditional circuit-based telecommunications providers.
(Acquired by AudioCodes)
Overtone Overtone
Overtone, Inc. delivers continuous brand monitoring and engagement to many of the world's most innovative global enterprises.
(Acquired by KANA)
Paratek Paratek
Paratek develops and commercializes advanced systems and components for mobile phones.
(Acquired by Research in Motion)
Telogy Telogy
Telogy was one of the first firms to deliver software solutions to enable voice over IP networks.
(Acquired by Texas Instruments)
Trema Trema
Trema is a leading provider of Treasury management solutions on a fully integrated platform.
(Acquired by Wall Street Systems)
Trivascular Trivascular
Trivascular develops less invasive medical devices and procedures to treat abdominal aortic aneurysms.
(Acquired by Boston Scientific)
Wimba Wimba
Wimba is a leading provider of collaborative software applications for online education.
(Acquired by Blackboard Inc.)

Selected Earlier Mergers & Acquisitions

American Medical Systems American Medical Systems
American Medical Systems manufactures and sells urological devices for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, urinary incontinence and benign prostatic hyperplasia.
Lifescan Lifescan
Lifescan provides blood glucose monitoring systems for home and hospital use.
(Acquired by Johnson & Johnson)
Synernetics Synernetics
Synernetics was the leading provider of intelligent switching hubs.
(Acquired by 3Com)
Wellfleet Wellfleet/Bay Networks
Wellfleet provides data networking software and services.
(Acquired by Nortel)
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